Magnolia Cake Boutique specializes in wedding cakes since 2012. With our own innovative style our expert team creates detailed attractive cake designs that have personality. We love the balance between edgy and elegant.

Baking is our passion, and designing is our language.  That is why we put so much effort into every detail. We firmly believe that a wedding cake should not only look beautiful but also taste beautiful!

We offer a one-on-one service. Whether you have specific ideas about how you want your cake to be or if you have no idea at all, we will be there for you from the first consultation to the setup of your cake on your big day.

We hope you enjoy our work and that you find in us the service you are looking for.

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Let’s create sweet memories together!

Our team

Maria Jose

Sugar Art Designer

Maria Jose Abramovich was born in Argentina. She has always been passionate about baking.

She is Patisserie and Cake Designer specialist. She officially started her first steps to become a sugar artist in 2012. She started her first business called “Mj Cherry Cakes” which was specialized in birthday cakes and kids’ cakes.

And after that, Maria Jose decided to keep progressing her skills and knowledge on the cake decoration.

She is constantly participating in workshops, cake classes and demos where she looks to perfect her skills and acquire new tools. She says learning is a never-ending process because “you can improve, grow and keep progressing. New techniques and trends can always be acquired”.

Since 2017 she has been exploring and developing a line in wedding cake designs. She discovered her true calling… she wanted to be in the leading end of the cake decorators in Brisbane. Then is when Magnolia Cake Boutique was born.

But when they ask us “Who creates the cakes?” we reply “Team Magnolia”. Why? Because we are a team. Every goal that Magnolia has achieved has been the result of a tremendous team effort. We try our best so that our product is a reflection of the commitment that we make to our clients, and even though it’s hard work, we never forget to enjoy the process… because it what we love to do!

• Maria Jose Abramovich, Owner and Sugar Art Designer
• Catalina Naranjo, Business Development Manager
• Raul Diaz, Logistic Coordinator

…Together we are Magnolia.