• Are you getting married in summer or outdoors?

• Are you worried about your wedding cake’s refrigeration?

• Do you have a small number of guests but always dreamt of a big tiered wedding cake?

• Do you have a big number of guests but find unaffordable a gigantic wedding cake?

• Do you want a dramatic-many-tiered cake but no one is really going to eat all that cake?


If you answered yes to one or more of this questions, then we might have the solution! Introducing: the Fake Cake.

It’s simple! We decorate a dummy (just like a regular cake) with real sugar decorations but it has no cake nor fillings inside… Magic! The trick? The fake cake is only for you to display it at the reception, while a slab cake with the flavour and filling of your preference is waiting in the kitchen to be cut and served to the guests! And all your problems are solved.

Any questions? Contact us with all your doubts.