Our Wedding Cakes

At Magnolia Cake Boutique we have three main ways to create your wedding cake: bespoke design, design by reference or by cake portfolio.

Bespoke Design

A bespoke design from scratch is a completely personalized service that consists in a co-creation between you and our sugar artist. During the consultation we help you develop the concept of your cake based on your wedding’s theme, palette, venue and other needs. Either if you have some ideas or none at all, there is no limit! This is our favourite way to create because it’s going to be a truly unique cake. Some of our favourite techniques are ruffles, sugar lace, wafer paper, edible printing, hand painting, gold leaf, and  pearls.

Design by reference

A design creation by reference is when you have a photo of cake you might have seen in a magazine or the internet or book and you would like us to reproduce it. This design will be tailored to your need regarding the colour palette, flavours, number of guests and other considerations. Because baking is a hand-made sugar craft it is important to remember that it is impossible for us to reproduce an exact replica because every cake is its own product. But we promise you this: we will do our magic to create your wedding cake as close as your reference as possible and make you happy.

Cake Portfolio

Easy! Have a look at our portfolio and pick your favourite. We will tailor this cake to your needs regarding colours, flavours, size and number of guests.

If none of the above are the way you want to go, we are happy for you to mix them! Experience has told us that sometimes rules are just meant to be broken…